Best Sashimi/Sushi Knife 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Tired of messing up the texture of your fish fillets? Want to slice raw fish perfectly like a Japanese sushi chef? Then you should get the type of knife needed to do that. I have got the perfect thing for you. It is called a sushi knife. Sushi knives are called Sashimi-bochoas well which is defined as traditional Japanese cooking knife.

These sushi knives are designed to be able to cut a fish with one single direction cut. Besides, the blade of a sushi knife is long and extremely thin so that it doesn’t create uneven cross section.

Comparison Best Sushi Knives

Knife Model
Yoshihiro Blue Steel HongasumiYanagi
JapanBargain S-1553
Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife
Grade QualityHigh-grade quality.Average grade quality.Great grade quality.
BladeThe blade has awedge on only one side.Wedge is both sided in the blade.Wedge is one sided on the blade.
MaintenanceProper care and regular honing is a must.The more the maintenance is the better this knife.Regular honing is a must for this knife.
Cut StyleProvides an amazing smoothness of cut.It's cutting quality is average.Cutting is smooth and finish is good.
SharpeningSharpening is not regularly needed.It is regularly needed with whetstones.Sharpening regularly is a must with whetstones.
Rust ResistanceIts blade is rust resistant.The blade is rust-resistant.The blade is not rust resistant.

 Best Sushi Knives Reviews 

1. Yoshihiro Blue Steel Hongasumi Yanagi Sushi Knife

Yoshihiro Hongasumi Blue Steel Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife Rosewood Handle...
22 Reviews
Yoshihiro Hongasumi Blue Steel Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife Rosewood Handle...
  • Forged from High Carbon Blue Steel #2 with HRC 63-64. Blue steel #2 outperforms White Steel #2 with better edge retention and its...
  • 9.5 inch (240mm) single edged blade with a traditional grind. Completely flat ground on front (SHINOGI), concave ground (URASUKI)...
  • Will glide through any type of fish with no pressure. Just start the cut and pull the knife back.

Hongasumi translates as true mist and refers to the beautiful mist like patterns on the blade that are formed when Blue Steel #2 (HRC 63-64) is forged with iron. Also, the beauty of its elegant thin blade is in its ability to slice through ingredients in long uninterrupted strokes, preserving their integrity and freshness as well.

Highlighted Features

  • High-Grade Quality

Firstly, this knife has high-grade quality and workmanship.You will be amazed at the result you get once you just start working with this knife.

  • Out of the Box Sharpness

Secondly, it is sharp out of the box, so you can use it immediately. No need to sharpen this up first also. Just start cutting fish fillets as soon as you get it.

  • Smoothness of Cut

Finally, this sushi knife will provide you amazing smoothness of cut like a professional. Also, the fish fillets you make will be like never before.

Finally, this is clear that this sushi knife is for expert’s work. Consequently, this is one of those elegant ones. Love this sushi knife? Want to get it? Then click here now!

2. JapanBargain S-1553 Sashimi Knife Review

Top Pick
JapanBargain S-1553, Japanese Yanagiba Sashimi Sushi Knife, 240mm
208 Reviews
JapanBargain S-1553, Japanese Yanagiba Sashimi Sushi Knife, 240mm
  • Blade Length: 8-1/8 in & Overall Length: 14 in^Sashimi -- Slicing: Slicing raw fish^Made in Japan

Japanese yangban sashimi knife to prepare sashimi, sliced raw fish, and seafood. It has a molybdenum rust-resistant steel blade with razor-sharp edge. Blade length: 9-1/8 in and overall length: 14 in. Also, the wooden handle offers maximum comfort and control plastic bolster. Again, it is easy to sharpen.

Highlighted Features

  • Cheap Price Rate

At first, this is cheaper than most other sushi knives out there. If practicing first and getting used to making sushi is your first goal then this knife was made for you.

  • Comfortable Handle

Next, its wooden handle offers maximum comfort.You will not experience any hand pain or be slipping out of hand with this one.

  • Rust Resistant Blade Quality

At last, its blade is rust resistant. So it won’t be prone to rust and you can use it relentlessly.

If you are looking for a cheap sushi knife, then this is the one for you. You can practice cutting fish fillets and sharpening blades with this one. For this reason, this one’s best for you if you are a newbie. Like this? Just click here to place an order!

3. Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife Review

Top Pick
Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife, 10-Inch
258 Reviews
Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife, 10-Inch
  • Razor sharp, high-carbon, no-stain German steel resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration
  • Single-edge  blade is taper ground with a fine stone finish
  • Offered with a traditional wood handle or an NSF certified slip-resistant Santoprene handle

Real wooden handles and razor-sharp blades make the Mercer Asian Collection the right choice for preparing Japanese or other Asian foods. Moreover, a traditional Mercer Asian Collection knife is a requirement for chefs that are serious about making authentic Japanese or other Asian foods.

Highlighted Features

  • Clean and Smooth Cutting

Firstly, this has a fine blade which can cut fish cleanly and smoothly. The fish fillets are done perfectly clean and smooth.

  • Longer Knife Life

Besides, frequent and proper honing will make this knife go a long way. If sharpened regularly and taken proper care then this knife won’t ever disappoint anyone.

  • No Snagging or Dragging

Moreover, there is no snagging or dragging during the cut. The knife will cut the way you want it to be. No additional extra fillets will be done by this.

You are new in sushi making but passionate enough to carry this on? Then this is the perfect one for you. It’s not that much expensive but provides fine and long lasting blades. Like this? Then click here to place an order!

A Guideline on How to Choose the Best Sushi Knife

After all this discussion, it still can be confusing to somebody to choose the best sushi knife for him or her. Therefore, I have included a buying guide so that this becomes clear to everybody.

  • Price-quality Ratio

Firstly, if you are completely new in making sushi, then you should find a cheap sushi knife to practice first. Sushi blades are a little different from western knife blades. They only have awedge at one side.

  • Blade of The Knife

Secondly, the blades of different sushi knives are unique. You need to buy the right type of blade for the right type of job. Try getting an expensive one if you are going to cut delicate fish fillets as they come with a higher quality and sharpened blade.

  • Durability of the Knife

Finally, if you are going to use it roughly every day, then you should choose the one with higher maintenance need. A cheaper one will need less maintenance but proper sharpening and honing. But an expensive one will need less maintenance and sharpening.

Final Verdict

Lastly, I can say that my research and experience based article will certainly help you to choose the right sushi knife for you from the market. Besides, the feature discussion will help you to differentiate between the functionality of them. Hence it will eradicate the confusion of choosing the suitable one for you. Eventually, I suggest that you should buy your desired sushi knife and start making sushi.

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