How To Fix A Leaky Kitchen Faucet With Two Handles

Isn’t it very irritating to see a leaky faucet in your kitchen? The sound of dripping water is really annoying. Moreover, at the end of the month, it’ll shock you with the additional water bill. Now the question arises, how to fix a leaky kitchen faucet with two handles.

It may seem quite difficult to fix a faucet yourself, but it’s actually not that much cumbersome. Once you have the basic concept and all the tools required, it becomes easy to fix a faucet. I hope it will give you a complete picture of how to fix a leaky kitchen faucet with two handles.

The repair procedure is different for different faucets. You can’t fix a ball faucet, a cartridge faucet, a ceramic disk faucet in the same way. Two-handled faucets are known as compression faucets. One handle provides cold water, and the other provides hot.

For your kitchen, I like to suggest compression faucets as they are useful to the kitchen work. That’s why, in this article, I’ve discussed how to fix a leaky kitchen faucet with two handles.

 The steps are given below: 

Step-1: Locating leakage

Determine, from which side of your faucet water is leaking. There are shutoff valves beneath your sink. You need to shut off the supply valves one at a time. If the leak stops, that means the corresponding side is to be repaired. If it doesn’t, then you need to repair the other side.

  • Follow the pipes beneath the sink to find the shutoff valves.
  • Turn off the main supply valve in case there is no valve under the sink.
  • Twist the handles clockwise.

Step-2: Covering the drain

Empty the faucet by turning on the handles to flush out the existing water in the pipe. Then cover the drain to prevent screw or other small parts from dropping into the drain.

  • Use a towel, rag or plug to cover the drain.
  • Open the main valve before turning on the handles.

Step-3: Separating the parts

Follow the process below:

  • An aerator is the mouth of a faucet. In the case of removing the aerator, the problem you may face is that it may get stuck. In that case, I recommend you to pour vinegar on a towel and wrap it around the neck of the aerator. Wait for an hour. Then gently sprain it, and it’ll come out.
  •  Separate each of the handles. Remove the nut, draw out the stem, the O-ring will be exposed. Remove it too.
  • At the bottom, there is a seat washer. As it’s made of rubber, it’s often prone to damage. Usually, it’s the main culprit for leakage. If you find it worn out, then you have to mainly replace this.
  • Use a wrench to separate the handles.
  • Nylon pads would be better than a towel.

Step-4: Replacing the parts

After removing the old parts, you have to alter them with the new. See the brand name marked on the body of the parts. I recommend you to use the same brand. Better take the old set of parts with you to the buying store.

You can reassemble the new set in the same way you disassembled the old one. But before installation, open the water valves to flow out the debris from the pipe. In order to clear mineral deposits, use vinegar and nylon adhesive cloth. Be careful so that the orientation of parts remains the same as before.

Once the installation is done, open the water valves and the faucet. Wait for some moment till the air trapped in the pipe comes out and water flows uninterruptedly. If the water flow is slow, remove the aerator, clean it and then reinstall.

You should take pictures of your work or record the whole working process using a camera. So that if anybody else come up with the question, how to fix a leaky kitchen faucet with two handles, can get help.

  • Use a screwdriver to clean the plugged holes out if there is any.
  • Use hand gloves while pouring vinegar.

Final verdict

I hope now how to fix a leaky kitchen faucet with two handles is no more a daunting matter to you. Believe that you can do this. Just collect all the necessary equipment as I’ve suggested and start to work on it. Follow the instructions stated above and maintain the sequence. So isn’t it wise to do it yourself instead of paying a plumber?

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